Simon Denyer: Why Journalism Matters

Between 1990 and 1998, Simon Denyer covered global media for The Washington Post, for which he became a foreign correspondent in 1999. For Reuters, he covered North Korea, the Gulf War and the Afghan War, and later covered riots in China, a race riot in the United States and media, human rights and violence in […] →Read more

Fortress Investment Group: The Company That Owns a Piece of Your Life

Fortress Investment Group LLC is known for managing high-net-worth families’ assets. The New York Firm oversees separately managed accounts, commodities and currency portfolios, structured products, and co-investment funds. The firm also manages over 20 other open-ended strategies and co-investment vehicles, including some of the world’s largest distressed and mezzanine debt funds, traditional direct lending vehicles, […] →Read more

 Why SeaWorld is Collaborating with Other Organizations in Conservation Efforts

Every organization is looking to build partnerships so that it can easily overcome some of the major challenges it has been facing. It has become obvious that organizations are finding it hard to operate without any form of support in the competitive industry today. The level of competition in the industry is not sustainable, which […] →Read more

How Tim Murawski is Helping to Improve Lives

For a blip second in time, covid-19 stalled the progress of Augmedic’s revolutionary technology, Xvision Spine System. Despite this, the enthusiastic Augmedic team led by Tim Murawski has moved forward with explosive energy in a post-pandemic world. In 2019, The Augmedics company raised $15 million dollars in funding, despite the halting of the economy during […] →Read more

ZeroAvia: The Combined Forces Of Green Hydrogen Are On A Mission To Change The World

Octopus Hydrogen, a hydrogen refueling company, has signed an agreement with ZeroAvia to install hydrogen refueling stations at airports across Europe. Hydrogen is the cleanest fuel source available on earth. A by-product of natural gas, it doesn’t produce any harmful pollutants. Currently, however, staff members at ZeroAvia explain, there are very few vehicles that run […] →Read more

Jake Medwell's Report On Current Plans For Infrastructure.

Jake Medwell is and entrepreneur who has spent most of his life building companies and contributing to their successful future. Jake Medwell is a founding partner of 8VC, a company that focuses on logistics and transportation. Jake Medwell is observing the impacts of the current plans for infrastructure and taxes that Congress will discus in […] →Read more

Kevin Seawright Continues To Help Locals Acquire Affordable Homes

Kevin Seawright has been on the frontline to see people own homes with ease. He is the founder and the manager of his company, RPS Solutions that aims at helping the locals realize their dreams of owning houses. Through his efforts, many first homeowners have managed to secure their dream homes. The entrepreneur has decided […] →Read more

Bhanu Choudhrie Professional Biography

Early Life In 1978, Bhanu Choudhrie was born in New Delhi, India. He is the son of Anita and Sudhir Choudhrie. His father is a well-known London businessman who has a long history of success in exports and business development across multiple sectors. Choudhrie completed his primary education in Delhi alongside his brother Dhairya. After […] →Read more

The Exceptional Information Technology Passion Exemplified by Haroldo Jacobovicz

Haroldo Jacobovicz is a civil engineer and an entrepreneur who has an extreme passion for the information technology sector. Moreover, he is the founder of Horizons Datacenter, Horizons Telecom, and e-Governe Group. The purpose of developing these companies was to syndicate technical knowledge, human talent, and strategic resources to solve problems associated with information technology […] →Read more

Andrew Alexander, a driving force of Entertainment in Chicago

Andrew Alexander is well known as one of the early collaborators with Chicago’s Second City improvisational theatre. He was a producer for such shows as “SCTV,” “The New Show, ” He became the executive producer and co-creator and Ebersol for the Emmy Award-winning series, “Saturday Night Live” (SNL). Alexander produced and directed The Blues Brothers […] →Read more