Gary McGaghey Discusses Succeeding at Private Equity Firms

We bet you already know private equity firms boast huge investment portfolios. However, it’s safe to guess you didn’t know the biggest challenge faced by private equity firms is finding an ideal manager. You might not know this, but managers have the responsibility of ensuring the funds they manage are invested well. What’s more, the managers also need to ensure that investments are profitable before opting to sell shares to the public.

Gary McGaghey reveals that prospective managers should know how to present themselves, especially if they want to secure a top job at any leading private equity firm. McGaghey is also urging prospective private equity firm managers to be aware of the fact that most if not all of these firms scrutinize their managers. For this reason, remember to present yourself professionally.

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According to McGaghey, CFOs and managers at private equity firms must be ready to put in more effort than their counterparts, especially if they want to succeed. Fortunately, there are numerous training opportunities available for budding managers and CFOs. These training programs offer excellent mentorship opportunities. Gary McGaghey believes that all successful CFOs should be interested in learning different ways of growing businesses and guaranteeing investor returns since cash flow requirements are complex in the private equity space.

While private equity firms offer lucrative job opportunities, Gary McGaghey says it is important to note that these enterprises can be difficult to manage because of the various risks involved. Therefore, relying on technology for accurate data and business insight can go a long way in guaranteeing profitability while also improving efficiency.

Making the right technological investments as a CFO will improve your overall performance since you will be able to get more things done. Gary McGaghey also claims that CFOs need to hire people into financial roles since working as a team can result in better decision making.