Edgard Corona Blazes Onward With SmartFit Gym Expansions

One of the best indicators that a newer company is going to be successful is the price of the stock shares as they are released to the open market. Edgard Corona is the CEO at Smart Fit Gyms not only because he understands that, but it is certainly one of the valuable tools in his playbook. The stocks ascended something like 34.78% as he led them to an open release on the B3 that led him to some R$1.6 billion in fortune.

In São Paulo, Brazil the Novo Mercado has been known for the ideal listing place for companies such as SmartFit that gave a base offering of 100 million shares so that Corona’s stake itself did pare down to a lesser 9.07 percent, but at that wealth level that type of fluctuation is not even a drop in the figurative bucket.

Edgard Corona still maintains a grasp on over half of the total company value with his 51 million common shares, and that has been a wise decision so that he can leverage his ideas and solutions with the proper force to get things done as a true leader.

With the coronavirus lockdown it can be seen that many gyms have opted for the easier route of shutting down because of reduced profits. However, SmartFit has looked towards the opposite path so that they can expand via the funds raised with the initial public offering (IPO).

It has 2.4 million clients at 928 gyms in 13 countries throughout the Latin America region of the globe. It’s remarkable checklist of investors includes the private equity firm Patria Investimentos (PAX.O), and Singapore’s GIC, and Canada’s CPP Investments. Edgard Corona and SmartFit look well positioned to continue to rack up on the Brazilian reais and to further dictate the path of the new Bio Ritmo and “smart fitness” businesses worldwide. To learn more visit: here.