Unraveling the Scam Mystery behind QNET

It is not easy to pinpoint whether a company is genuine in the multi-level marketing industry. In the past years, QNET has fallen victim to scam speculations.

The company has operations in several countries worldwide and has significantly impacted the direct selling industry. It is essential to understand how the organization works, to determine whether it is a scam.

Quick Facts

QNET operates in countries with the most demanding trade regulations, including Hong Kong and Singapore. Two distributors from a US direct selling company started QNET after the previous company they worked for closed shop and left multiple pending orders and unpaid commissions.

Rather than giving up, the two decided to use their knowledge and skills to start their own direct selling company. The firm started with just 2000 individuals and was initially known as GoldQuest. This team originally sold collectible gold coins before the firm began allowing independent distributors to sell different products.

This growth allowed the organization to expand its operations to multiple countries and enable sales professionals to achieve massive business growth. The company offers training and development programs to business-oriented individuals to increase their sales potential.

Scam Claims

To succeed in multi-level marketing, one has to aggressively pursue and represent their product line, which is not common with most people. Most people read about the success of some distributors, and they want to join right away. When they cannot replicate the same success, they set out to share their opinions online.

Online Reviews

With technological advancement, about 90% of consumers make a business decision based on what they read in online reviews. Negative reviews can tarnish a company’s reputation due to negative publicity.

The firm processes millions of customer orders and receives positive feedback from satisfied customers. The customer service team is always keen to follow up on negative online reviews but fails to track them to sold products or services. Most of these comments are from competitors or individuals with malicious intent.  Connect on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QNETIndiaInfo