Fortress Investment Group: A Brief Overview

Fortress Investment Group invests in various assets worldwide and across all market capitalizations, including private equity, credit, real estate, natural resources, infrastructure, and hedge funds. The New York-based firm also has significant positions in Latin America. Its public investments include Zenith Bancorp, Spirit Realty Capital, Empire State Realty Trust, and, in a joint venture, with Och-Ziff Capital Management Group, Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance.

The average age of a Fortress Investment Group portfolio is approximately six years. It is diversified geographically, with assets in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. Fortress has assets under management of over $50 billion. Fortress has roughly 20 billion in total assets under management, across roughly half of those in funds. But the majority of that is in the form of credit funds. It provides a full range of investment solutions, including private equity and corporate credit, real estate, infrastructure, real assets, and alternative asset management services, including private credit, hedge fund solutions, and investment banking. Since its inception, it has provided its institutional and retail clients with diverse investment solutions, including private equity, corporate credit, real estate, and other asset management services.

The New York-based firm seeks to find, buy and hold investments that achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors to deliver superior investment performance. Fortress’s strategy is to invest in distressed, undervalued, and troubled assets, in credit, equity, and other derivative securities. Fortress Investment Group seeks to deliver value through the capital markets and other strategic capital resources as a global alternative investment manager. The New York Fortress is committed to advancing global financial markets and striving to help investors achieve their goals.

Investors in funds managed by Fortress Investment Group can expect strong returns, thanks to the firm’s hands-on, bottom-up approach and the economies of scale that come from the economies of the world and their direct investments in the companies that it funds. Fortress takes only a portion of the money it deploys and makes it available to invest in a portfolio of companies or special situations that offer strong risk/reward opportunities. Through hedging, Fortress makes sure that investors are not taking on too much risk, and the hedge funds generate a strong return relative to their perceived risk. In other words, Fortress earns returns both for the investments that it makes and those that it does not make.