Tim Murawski Bringing Change to The Healthcare System

The current healthcare sector has seen many changes over the decades and is currently experiencing one of the incorporating technologies into its diverse fields. The process, which is still ongoing, seeks to bring a lot of efficiency and speed to the sector. Investor Tim Murawski, a respected specialist in biotechnology, seeks very much to be part of the change that is going on in the healthcare sector (Businesswire). 


The chief executive officer and president of a well-established firm, Augmedics, located in the heart of Chicago, has recently rolled out a revolutionary medical feature under the leadership of investor Tim Murawski. The new feature is known as the ultimate Xvision Spine System and is set to increase surgery efficiency by allowing surgeons to view their patient’s spinal anatomy during the surgery. That means that surgeons with the technology will have more like an x-ray type of vision into their patient’s anatomy seeing through their skin and tissue, making them more accurate while performing these procedures.


What It Entails


The XVS, as it is commonly referred to, will come with a display headset that will have all the components of a traditional navigation system. According to Tim Murawski, the system will provide an accurate and real-time position of the surgical tools once put on by the surgeon. It will afterwards relay the information to the surgeon’s headset at a specialized spinal surgery allowing him or her to concurrently look at the patient and perform the procedure without going through the hustle of using a remote screen. This system will revolutionize how surgeons perform surgery as they will become faster and assure their patients of absolute safety and preciseness during their surgeries. Hence more and more patients will feel at ease during their surgeries knowing that their physicians have a very applicable guide.