The Life of Eric Lefkofsky

Successful businessman Eric Lefkofsky has always done his own thing & never looked back but is this what has led to all of the success he has experienced over the years? Well, he thinks that might have a little to do with it. Eric Lefkofsky was born into a jewish family in the late 60’s on the outskirts of a city called Detroit (Siliconprairenews). 


As a kid, he proved himself to be one of the best students in his class which is how he earned the title of valedictorian when he graduated with the class of 1987. After high school, Eric Lefkofsky decided to enroll in the University of Michigan and this is where he learned all about the world of business. He never knew that years later he would be the pioneer at the medical robotics industry. Eric Lefkofsky was fascinated by it and wanted to learn more. So after graduating with one of the best GPAs in his class, he stayed on campus to go to law school where he faced a lot of challenges and adversity. 


When he was done with his academics, he took his JD and used it to start his own company. This later came to be known as Tempus and it is dedicated to uncovering a cancer cure. At one of their most recent fundraising events, they raised $620 million which brings their total to more than $6 billion for cancer research. Eric Lefkofsky started out with just 700 people working for him but they have since expanded to include a staff of more than two thousand. He hopes to keep doing good work for them in the near future. 

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