Jesse Willms Built Multiple Businesses During His Successful Career

Jesse Willms, CEO of, a group of websites that allow potential car buyers the opportunity to search a car’s history when buying a used car, began his entrepreneurship at just 15 years of age, and has built many more multi-million dollar businesses since then. While in high school, he began reading books on business by great business innovators such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. His first attempt at creating wealth was selling those books online. This experience led to his next business venture, eDirect, a software business that sold discounted software, including Microsoft Office and Word and Adobe Photoshop. This business earned over $40 million in sales. He expanded eDirect to help students purchase the software needed for school.

Jesse Willms turned next to making information more accessible to the public with Penguin Leads. It offered public and property records and background checks through its websites. Between 2012 and 2018, Penguin Leads generated $20 million in sales as well as gave Jesse Willms insight into structuring his next business model. The Car History Group launched a collection of websites in 2012. These car history websites had over 3 million users visit monthly. In addition, Jesse Willms offers content writers and creators opportunities to engage with young entrepreneurs of today. He also offers free advice to internet marketers. Entrepreneurs starting their own businesses can learn from someone successful many times over. 

Jesse Willms was also featured on in Authority Magazine as part of the “5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Began Leading My Company” series. His five things include:

1.Its important for a business leader to look and listen for where their assumptions could be wrong.

2.Managing your budget should always be a priority. Manage cost in good times to build your nest egg for tougher times.

3.Spend lots of time recruiting and take time to anticipate hiring needs to make better hiring decisions.

4.Take on only the most important projects so as not to spread yourself too thin.

5.Show employees appreciation, acknowledge their great work and know you are nothing without your staff and team.

Entrepreneurs who follow his advice could also follow into success of their own.