Why Haroldo Jacobovicz Has Been Aggressive in Introducing Customer Satisfaction in His Organizations

Over the years, some organizations have been trying hard to get some of the essential aspects that can help them to be successful in their industrial operations. Current reports in the market indicate that such organizations have not been very successful in their operations. According to Haroldo Jacobovicz, there have been some fundamental aspects that […] →Read more

Heath Ritenour: A Stunning Business Leader in the Insurance Niche

The Insurance Office of America has, over the years, recorded tremendous success under the leadership of John Ritenour. His exquisite leadership skills and commitment to climbing greater heights have inspired his son Heath Ritenour. The drive to work in the insurance sector was developed in his son when he interned at the company. His internship […] →Read more

Jake Medwell, CEO of Freightwaves

Freightwaves.com is a company that helps truck drivers find the perfect freight match for their needs. Jake Medwell, CEO of Freightwaves, recently sat down with us to tell us about how his company is changing the face of trucking as we know it today. First, Freightwaves is revolutionizing the way that truckers match up with […] →Read more

The Success Of Neil Gerrard In Dechert

Neil Gerrard is a renowned Lawyer and focuses on handling litigations on securities on behalf of Dechert LLP. Dechert is a legal firm that provides legal advice to companies, private investors and individuals. Neil Gerrard explains that the company will offer legal advice in matters relating to representation, dispute solving, negotiations etc. At Dechert LLP, […] →Read more

How Bhanu Choudhrie Started His Career, What He's Doing Now, and What He Plans To Do Next

Bhanu Choudhrie has the capability of identifying trends and staying one step ahead of the competition. He’s partnered with an eclectic group of investors, including billionaires from Russia, England, France, the United States, and India. Bhanu is also very connected in the U.K. Bhanu Choudhrie said in a blog post that his experience inspired his […] →Read more

 Ombori Talks About Changing Consumer Values

The world is changing, and we’re seeing many industries become outdated. The latest example of this is Ombori. If you haven’t heard about it before, they are a company that specializes in providing high-quality home goods to the public (think: bedding and bath). They recently released a blog post that talks about how consumer values […] →Read more

Pablo Ignacio González Carbonell Announces Royal Holiday Hotel Expansion

Faced with the re-activation of the tourism industry in light of the coronavirus pandemic and a market with exponential growth, Mexican company tourism industry is considering an investment plan of 400 million dollars to build four new hotels in Mexico under their Park brand Royal, as well as continuing their vacation club concept. Pablo Ignacio […] →Read more

Sudhir Choudhrie’s Allegiance to Perfecting Gratitude in his Whole Life

Sudhir’s story is complex but motivating because he discovered his consequential health state at a young age. However, the 71-year-old humanitarian and merchant did not drop his positivity and influencing the lives of people around him. Many people know Sudhir Choudhrie as a Cardiology Professor at a Medical Department in Columbia University where he made […] →Read more

Fortress Investment Group: A Brief Overview

Fortress Investment Group invests in various assets worldwide and across all market capitalizations, including private equity, credit, real estate, natural resources, infrastructure, and hedge funds. The New York-based firm also has significant positions in Latin America. Its public investments include Zenith Bancorp, Spirit Realty Capital, Empire State Realty Trust, and, in a joint venture, with […] →Read more

 Unraveling the Scam Mystery behind QNET

It is not easy to pinpoint whether a company is genuine in the multi-level marketing industry. In the past years, QNET has fallen victim to scam speculations. The company has operations in several countries worldwide and has significantly impacted the direct selling industry. It is essential to understand how the organization works, to determine whether […] →Read more