The visit by the state secretary of health Mr. Sergio Cortes confirmed the state efforts in mitigating the effects of the floods. The Xerém residents are adversely affected by heavy floods putting the life of residents at risk. At least one hydration center is already operational and can serve more than 300 patients in a day. The health cabinet secretary confirmed the government is committed to set up more centers in the flood-hit region. The state department of health has already dispersed a surveillance team access the damage of the floods. The team is also expected to give medical supplies to the affected families.
The surveillance team will gather medical information on how to best fight the disaster. The team also has over 3000 antibiotic tablets to help reduce the risk of spreading of waterborne diseases like hepatitis. The team is also expected to treat the already infected water to make it safe for public use. Meanwhile, Dr. Cortes urged the residents to ensure they only drink safe bottled drinking water. He has also urged the donors to consider donating safe drinking water to Xerem resident in their donation.
Among other efforts put in by the federal and state government are donations of more shelters and clothing to the affected. The families need necessary government support in solidarity to help them recover from the loss resulting from the disaster. During the meeting with the local municipal health secretary, the state agreed to deliver additional calamity kits to the region. Some of the diseases that are more risky include hepatitis, chicken pox, leptospirosis, and diarrhea. The diseases spread faster in contaminated water making their control more difficult. The samples collected by the surveillance team were considered not satisfactory. The teams are therefore disinfecting the waters daily to ensure the safety of the residents.
Doctor Sergio Cortes is a medical doctor in Brazil. He is also the state secretary for heal in the state of Rio. Dr. Cortes is an enthusiastic leader with a commitment to improving the life of the community. In his blogs at his personal website, he advises on the benefits of healthy diets and regular exercises to reduce back pains. He also provides advice on the best way to compact lifestyle diseases and back pains resulting from poor sitting posture. Serge is a graduate of Harvard business school.

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