Where Are the Christians?

Recently, there was a survey done in America from a religious perspective, to me, a Christian, the results are quite unnerving. The results show that more and more people are claiming to follow no religion, a reported 56 million worldwide. This, in conjunction with the falling percentage of Americans who identify themselves as Christians, has led me to a place of despair. Ten years ago, 78% of the population declared themselves to be Christians, and now, only 71% make that claim.
There are many theories to why this is happening, according to a recent article, but there is one that stands out in my mind. It is the same reason that churches are losing numbers in their congregations and crime is on the rise. This reason can be found in the Bible. It speaks of a time when there will be world wars and increasing death, which is the time we are living in right now.
Many Christians are not willing to stand up for their beliefs in this day and age either. This comes with the decrease in the number of Christians, because being a Christian is not as popular as it used to be. If you speak out for your beliefs, you might not be popular and unfortunately, too many of us are scared to lose popularity. These people just need to remember, popularity will not get you to heaven.

Thanks to Daniel Amen for showing me this, and as a courtesy I’ll link something for him. Check out his youtube video from his ted talk.

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