What American Corn Farmers Need Know About Syngenta Litigation Case

The litigation case filed in the Minnesota a State court has been ongoing for some time now yet some affected corn farmers are still not aware of its progress. While just a few aren’t completely aware of the case, most don’t know if it affects them or if they are in a position to sue. Others just don’t know how to go about the process or who to approach in order to lodge a complaint against Syngenta. This informative piece will offer a comprehensive coverage of the basics that every American corn farmer ought to know by now.

What is the case about

This is a litigation case in which Syngenta has been sued accused of negligence and issuing false information to the American farmers. Syngenta sold a new genetically modified seed to the farmers with the assurance that its harvest will be marketable and that major markets of American corn had approved or were in the process of approving the corn.
This however adversely affected the American corn prices when these markets including China failed to approve the said corn trait for consumption in their country. They had also made a promise that they won’t mix the said corn trait with the rest of corn for export. When they went ahead and intentionally broke that promise, major US corn markets banned any corn imports hence affecting the whole of American corn producers.

Who is affected by Syngenta actions

Generally, every corn farmer in America is affected by the actions of Syngenta. Those who actually bought, planted, and harvested the modified corn trait from Syngenta only to lack market for the commodity can sue for misdirection.
The rest of the American farmers who planted other types of corn can also sue. They can sue for the loss they experienced due to poor market prices or lack of market for their produce because of Syngenta actions.

What attorney can you approach for representation in the case

Mikal Watts of Watts’s law offices is an attorney in this case representing the farmers. Watts is helping thousands of farmers file their complaints in the case. He is offering legal advice and following up on this particular case by putting up evidence that will lead to the compensation of the American farmers. He is charged with proving the burden of guilt on part of the Syngenta. He will be also be evaluating the extent of loss by the farmers and proposing to the Honorable Judge a fair amount of compensation that the farmers ought to receive.

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