Wengie Morning Routine

Wengie is a very popular Youtuber that makes lifestyle and beauty videos. She currently has over 4 million subscribers and millions and millions of views. One of her top videos is her morning routine in which she shows her viewers what she does on a typical morning.


Throughout the video you learn more about Wengie and her everyday life. Her day typically starts with spending a little quiet time in bed with her adorable cat. After showing him some love she then moves on to do the normal everyday stuff like brush your teeth, wash your face and use the bathroom.


After some relaxing and washing up Wengie then heads on to make a delicious looking breakfast filled with lots of healthy ingredients. She shows a basic recipe for a tasty vegan soup that has tons of nutrients that will fill you up so you have lots of energy for the day. She then relaxes with her breakfast while sitting by the window that brings in lots of fresh air and sunshine and of course she has to catch up on watching some Youtube videos.


Wengie then goes on to wash the dishes, clean up any messes and most importantly make her bed which she does every morning. Afterwards she spends some extra time pampering her face with face washes as well as lotions and creams. Afterwards she applies simple natural looking makeup to enhance her features. As far as hair she says never spends a great deal of time on it and she often makes videos showing viewers how to get quick and simple hairstyles that still look really cute.


This video just like all the rest of her videos showcase what a unique and awesome personality Wengie has. Not only is her fashion and style incredible and unique but she also shows viewers how to be more spunky and fun. She takes her viewers on a fun journey even through a simple video like a morning routine. It is so easy to see why over 4 million people subscribe to her Youtube channel.

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