Want to Be Happy in The New Year? Don’t Make Any Resolutions

As the old year is coming to a close and new year is dawning, many people will make a few resolutions in hopes of making the next year happier than the one that has just ended. Don’t do it.

The simple act of making New Year’s resolutions can depress you and be detrimental to your happiness, at least according to my friends on Spring.me.  That’s what Igor Cornelsen says anyway.

Making a resolution to lose a few pounds is good for health, spending more time with family and friends is a good thing and making plans to go back to school and further oneself in the job market is another good thing, so how can these and similar resolutions make us unhappy?

Because the odds are we are going to fail at most, if not all, of the New Year’s resolutions that we make. Our inability to drop a few pounds, improve our relationships, get a job promotion, etc., is going to discourage us and depress us about our life in general and make us feel like miserable failures.

Certainly failing to live up a few New Year’s resolutions does not a failure make, but it does make us feel like we are, and that takes away our happiness. So if you want to be happy in the New Year, don’t make any resolutions.

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