Waiakea Water Achieves Phenomenal Growth

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water announced that they had an incredible growth of 5000% percent in just their first three years of existence as a company. Ryan Emmons, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company, said in a statement that he was incredibly proud of his team and the growth that they had accomplished. Learn more about Waiakea Water: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/waiakea-inc#/entity

He said that the company had gone from selling just a few thousand cases of their water a year into over 120,000 cases of the bottled volcanic water. He went on to say that due to the charitable donations of the company they have also given over 500 million liters of water to overlooked communities in Africa.

According to Forbes, Waiakea Water has a three-fold mission; health, sustainability, and charitable initiatives. For health the company provides a naturally alkaline, electrolyte full, and mineral rich bottled water. For sustainability they use a CarbonNeutral certified bottle, and for charity they have donated over 500 million liters of water to poor communities in Arica.

PR News Wire gathered that Waiakea water is sustainably sourced from Hawaii’s Big Island’s Mauna Loa Volcano. The water that they use comes from Waiakea springs that get their water that has filtered through thousands of feet of porous volcanic rock underneath and aside the volcano. This produces amazing water that is extraordinarily healthy.

Ryan Emmons has throughout the explosive growth of the company remained committed to his ideals which include being sourced sustainably, being healthy, and being ethical in contributing to clean water access and education for disadvantage people worldwide.

Waiakea  Water expresses the Hawaiian cultural value of “Mālama i ka ‘āina” which translates in English to “respect the land”. Ryan Emmons, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Waiakea, grew up with this value and has embedded it in his company. While raised in California, he spent summers and winters in Hawaii enough that the cultural values of Hawaii served as an inspiration and aspiration for him in his adult life.

After graduating from the University of Southern California, with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, he co-founded Waiakea Water along with his college associate Matt Meyer. Today the company sells its premium water in grocery store such as Whole Foods and has achieved a valuation of $10 million dollars.

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