Transgender Teen Possibly Commits Suicide And Leaves Note

It’s well known that gays, lesbians, and transgender’s are currently struggling with equal rights, and the following story is a sad one. Teen Suicide Note. A young transgender, who went by the name of Leelah Alcorn, but was formerly known as Joshua Alcorn; went for an early morning walk, and was hit by a semi truck and killed. It may have seemed like an accident, until the teens social media account was checked, and what appears to be a suicide note, was left on the Tumblr account. The teen claims that her parents did not accept her for who she was, and had even forbidden her to go on social media.

She was also taken out of school by her parents. She was ridiculed, and did not have many friends that were supportive. After struggling with the negativity and hate that she received over time, she decided to take her own life. Based on the statements in her social media account, she believes she will never be happy as a woman, and never find a man to love her. She also believes that even if she was to live her life as a man, she would still be unhappy.

Although many people told her that life would get better, she disagreed, and said it would only get worse for her over time, and she was tired of living.

But Igor Cornelsen feels this is another warning sign.  Something that you have to look for, and never be afraid to help someone get the assistance that they need.  It’s hard for someone to take that action on their own, especially when they’re in a really dark place.

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  1. She also left a two letter statement to her parents, cursing them for their treatment. So always be aware. Sometimes self help can only come after someone has extended the hand first. This is the only effect in which paperwritings discount code has been able to make it happen freely for all of them which is not very far from the truth too.

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