Todd Lubar Conquers The Mortgage Industry

Todd Lubar is an American based entrepreneur. He deals in the real estate development. Currently, he lives with his family of two children in Bethsada, Maryland. In the year 1977, he joined Sidewall Friends School in Washington DC. Several years later, he joined high school at Hightstown. Upon completion, he got admitted to Syracuse University where he pursued an undergraduate degree in in speech communication. He graduated in 1995 and got an opportunity with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Here, he worked for five years and gained an experience that would mark the start of a prosperous future.

Later, Lubar moved with Legacy Financial group, and got stationed at Maryland. At this company got to serve and interact with investors across the Globe. He also got to serve mortgage banks and learn their modes of operation. In the year 2002, Lubar founded Legendary Properties LLC. The company invested in the purchase and sale of family homes. Later, the company ventured into development and sale of apartments. During this time, Lubar initiated relationships with key stake holders in the construction trade and lending institutions. These relationships would then become a steady pillar in the expansion of his business

In 2003, Lubar joined Charter Funding. Charter funding was a branch of First Magnus Financial Inc. based in Arizona. In this company, he took the role of Senior Vice President. The relationship between these two enterprises provided Lubar with a firm foundation of expanding his business. This was due to access of unlimited funding he had from Magnus Financial.

Later, Todd Lubar founded Legendary Financial LLC. The main goal of this company was to offer loans to unions and individuals who were underserved by convectional lending institutions. To today, the financial company has transacted over 7000 successful deals.

In the year 2007, the mortgage industry was affected by the economy and hence drastic changes had to be made. Consequently, as a wise entrepreneur, Lubar turned into different investments. He invested widely in several industries. He turned his investments to the demolition industry. He also invested in real estate industry and bought several night clubs. He also ventured into waste management by buying a scrap metal industry. To date, he is the Chief Executive Officer of TDL global ventures.

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