The Success of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is one of the most successful and well respected businessmen in the United States. Mr. Levenson’s accomplishments on wikipedia are numerous and ranging from starting up successful businesses to being an active philanthropist. Mr. Levenson is not only known and respected for being a successful entrepreneur, but also is well known for being the former NBA co-owner for the Atlanta Hawks. Mr. Levenson, while the owner of the Atlanta Hawks, was also an active member on the Board of the Governors for the NBA.

Mr. Levenson, despite his later success, is from humble means. Mr. Levenson was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Mr. Levenson was born to a Jewish family which means that he has strong Jewish roots that still influence him in present day.

Mr. Levenson, after pursing a higher education from Washington University, eventually graduated law school from the prestigious, American University. Right after school, Mr. Levenson, along with his co-partner, Ed Peskowitz, began formulating ideas for their new company, the United Communications Group.

The United Communications Group was started in 1977 in the apartment of Mr. Levenson. What this company is based on is informing the public of the oil industry. This company would print out weekly newsletters that all had informative topics of current issues relating the oil industry.

Eventually, after the company picked up momentum, the United Communications Group integrated more an more newsletter. These later newsletters informed the public on hot topics that included the environment, energy, healthcare, telecommunications, technology, and many other industries. The United Communications Group also picked up many start up companies such as TechTarget. Mr. Levenson was previously one of the founding board members that sat on the Board of Directors.

One of Mr. Levenson’s most famous accomplishments is the fact that he was the previous co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks. While serving as one of the owners, Mr. Levenson played a large role in inspiring and helping the team. One of his most memorable events is the fact that Mr. Levenson and his wife took the Atlanta Hawks to the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. He took the team to the museum as a way to try and broaden the horizons of the team members and to show them of the importance of remembering history.

Mr. Levenson’s many accomplishments do not just involve business ventures, but also involve many involvements with charitable organizations. One of Mr. Levenson’s most generous donations go to an organization known as the I Have a Dream Foundation. This particular organization makes it possible for children who come from a low-income family, to pursue a higher education.

In addition to this, having strong Jewish roots, has lead him to be passionate about teaching others of the Holocaust. Mr. Levenson is a continuous donor to the museum as well as a continuous volunteer. Mr. Levenson believes deeply that he must be faithful to his roots and continue to educate others on the historic events that took place not too long ago.

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