The Skout Social App

In this era of Smartphones, there is an app for almost anything one wants to do. People have outsourced their basic needs to the fascinating gadgets in their pockets (Smartphones and tablets).

Skout is one of the many apps available in this more advanced digital platform. It is a unique social app that provides a platform for connecting people from different geographical regions. It enables users to create account and chat or comment on others pictures and chat. The user also gets notification when someone in the same geographic area joins Skout. An estimate of more than 300 million people uses Skout app to boost their enthusiasm in online social networking.

The two brilliant individuals, Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom started the company in 2007. The app uses the global positioning system as the medium. It is compatible with iOs and Android. One can download it in Google’s play store or App Store.

Skout was initially meant to create a platform for those who want to expand their social circle, but the recent events have proven otherwise. The developers have now introduced other features in a bid to improve user experience.

Skout has a travel feature that provides the user with the ability to meet people in other cities. More than ten million users have adopted this feature. Many people especially the young have applauded the app for enabling them to turn trips into real vacations. The app has enabled them to go an extra mile to connect with their friends from Skout hailing from the places they visit.

People have turned Skout app into a dating app with many successful hook-ups being made through this app. The recent studies reveal that over 70 percent of people use this app for dating. The app was relaunched in 2009 by the founders to accommodate dating.

Recently the Skout team launched Fuse provides the user with an interesting mobile network for those travelling. The goal of fuse was to provide users with an alternative social network that could take them off the address book of their smartphones or tablets. Fuse is highly suitable for the people on the go. It enables one to make automatically disappear, the messages and photos posted.

However, Skout has banned some photos from being posted and shared. The Skout’s team no longer accepts photos that seem to display nudity. Those people with the tendency to take bathroom selfies and posting them through Skout will have to find another app as Skout no longer accepts such.

Lastly, Skout is obviously one of the world’s largest social networks that allow users to connect, meet and date. With the recent advent of new features, the app is gaining more popularity worldwide. According to the company’s website, there has been an increase in the number of new users with a daily average of one hundred thousand users signing up. If one wants a more user-friendly social app with a lot of features, Skout can be a suitable app.

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