The Shrinking McDonald’s Empire

The McDonald’s empire has been reported to be a shrinking empire with over a 40 year reign. The company has recently reported to be closing down more of their restaurants than ever. The world’s biggest burger chain has not had this many closed restaurants since 1970.

Currently, the number of U.S. locations is 14,300. This number, however, will continue to decrease. The expansion of the company has been attributed to the entire goal of the company which was to give consumers fast and affordable food. During the Recession, this empire expanded even more as the dollar menu thrived. because of people’s nervousness to save money.

Since the recession, companies like Chipotle have been marketing themselves as the better option because they sell better food. Jaime Garcia Dias understands that as much as anyone. Even chains like five guys have been selling themselves as a chain that provides better burgers and fries to customers.

The declining number of restaurants can be attributed to McDonald’s over confidence as well has not having a new inside perspective of what new products to put out. With the new and complicated products added to the menu, it has also been reported that employees repeatedly mix up orders because they cannot keep up with the fast pace.

Worldwide, this franchise is still growing with 300 chains to be built in the up and coming future. McDonald’s, in order to survive must start focusing on promising better food options to the masses instead of quick food options.

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