The Line Between Life and Death

This week when a polish woman woke up in a freezer, it sent shock waves to many across the world. The fear of waking up in a morgue haunts many. It seems every so often there is a story that talks about someone who was pronounced dead coming back, or perhaps they were never really dead at all. Why is the veil between life and death so thin, and how can someone who is still alive be pronounced dead?

There are many mysteries to the afterlife that we simple don’t have the answers for. So many come back from a near death moment, and say they have had an out of body experience take place. They can describe things like Heaven and Hell and talk about seeing loved ones and spiritual beings. Is there something to all this life after death stuff? Does there really exist a spiritual level that we can be sent back from, Ben Shaoul continually wonders?

Some swear by their experiences, even though science cannot prove or disprove their theories. Working in a funeral home must be pretty interesting these days, you never know when your next client will move or stir. Even with all the leaps and bounds that modern medicine has made, they still cannot predict if and when a person will die.

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