The Interesting and Inspiring Life of Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah’s professional career has turned out to be a very impressive one. His incredible success in the world of finance is something strived by many, but very few reach. As the founder and CEO of Solo Capital, Shah runs a boutique financial institution worth millions. The firm also handles millions in investment capital.

Incredibly, financial investing was not the field Shah initial sought for a career. Originally, he wanted to be a doctor. Medicine turned out to be something he ended up not really wishing to pursue. So, he switched gears and became an accountant. This new career path opened doors for Shah to work with a variety of top financial investment firms.

The experience of working with financial investment entities helped Shah develop a great deal of knowledge and skill. He also seemed to gain a strong passion for finance, and this passion set him down the path of founding Solo Capital. In an ironic twist, the global market crisis of 2008/2009 made accounting job prospects difficult for Shah. Rather than take a defeatist attitude, he went on to found his own company in the form of Solo Capital.

Again, Solo Capital is a firm that handles a significant amount of investment funds. The overall worth of the company is in the £15 range, and the headquarters of the company is in London.

Shah would end up acquiring other companies over the course of his career. There is another endeavor, however, that he puts an enormous amount of work into. This would be the charity Autism Rocks.

The charity focuses on raising money for autism research. Shah has a very personal reason for hoping to help those with autism. He son was diagnosed with the condition. Autism Rocks uniquely raises funds through private musical concerts. Shah has received much praise for his work with the charity.

Sanjay Shah’s life truly is inspiring.

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