Christopher Burch also known as Chris to his family and friends is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. He has great interest in the technology and luxury brands and has assisted most of them grow from humble ventures into huge brands. Some of the brands he has developed include Faena Hotel + Universe, Niwahitu, Cocoon 9 and ED by Ellen DeGeneres. One of the reasons why he is good at this is because he analyzes the consumers in the various industries and understands their behaviour. He also evaluates each brand and shows them how to best take advantage of this consumer behaviour. Burch has great skills in marketing and sales and has worked in numerous industries including technology, finance, hospitality, real estate and fashion.



Burch sees a great relationship between technology and fashion; two of the largest and the fastest growing industries in the world today. He argues that to become fashionable, technology has to work with the fashion industry and to become technologically fashionable, the fashion industry requires technology. Over the years, this has been the case and that the two are expected to bring in more style and more technological advancements if they keep working together. The two complement each other and also solve challenges in each other.



According to Chris Burch, future inventions within technology and fashion will go into protecting people. Such as the Airbag for Cyclists invented by Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt. This one is meant to protect the cyclist in case of an impact and also enhances one of the limitations of the helmet since it gives better visibility. Innovations will also focus on environmental conservation particularly through saving of energy. Some of will lead to creative sources of energy such as taping energy from human movement and using it to power accessories such as watches and cell phones. Some designers will also make use of recycled materials which further conserves the environment. One such designer is Emma Whiteside who used recycled radiator copper to make a gown.



Burch has his own company; Burch Creative Capital, a venture capital firm that aims at creating value for other companies with headquarters in New York. He is also the CEO of the company. He owns a luxury brand for fashion called Tory Burch. Burch has served on the board of directors of Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation and The Pierre Hotel Co-op. He also donates to charity through organizations such as The Sumba Foundation and The Child Welfare League of China.

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