The Collection of The Wessex Institute of Technology’s eLibrary

The Wessex Institute of Technology’s eLibrary is an online resource that provides a collection of papers and books in the science and engineering studies. The eLibrary has made 28,000 peer reviewed papers open to the public access without subscription fees. In addition, the library allows visitors to download the published content into a convenient PDF file. The numerous papers can be efficiently accessed through the advanced search engine that will produce specific results. An eLibrary visitor can fine tune the search results by specifying a certain field, date range, and format of publication. The content is organized into seven core research fields in communication technologies, environment, simulation, and medicine. The information is also grouped in 26 clear-cut categories that allow for a more precise group of information. If a user is looking for further access and information, the eLibrary offers a subscription service that will send up to six printed issues of a selected journal annually.


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