The Best Places to Apply Crown Moldings

Crown moldings have the power to change the ambiance of a room. These provide attitude to a simple room and add architectural interest. Depending on the dimension and decoration of a place, you can apply them in any volume, from bulk to minimal and even nonexistent. Only the right application can perfectly complement a room and enhances its cosmetic value.


The key to a successful molding installation is to know where to put it. Previously, homeowners could not think beyond the edge of the ceiling, but the concept has changed nowadays. Using the moldings in some certain places in your home can really give the entire space a new look.


Door & Window Framing: It can hide any imperfections you may have around the door and window frames. It’s a lovely replacement of the average trim. It adds a stylish flair to a room and creates the impression of a smooth transition from the inside to the outside of that place. In case if you are bored with the ceiling moldings, install these for a change of taste.


Around the Mantel: Crown moldings can add just the right amount of bling to a lifeless piece of furniture. So, if a shelf looks too drab or the fireplace mantel in the living room needs a bit of pizzazz, add some trims. It won’t cost much as decorating one or two furniture does not require a lot of moldings. Besides, it could be a great DIY project if you want to install the trims yourself.


Shaping the Headboard: You may not have thought about it before but it could be a nice addition to your bedroom. Such a fixture will make the headboard look more elegant and sophisticated. Even if you choose to repurpose an old door or used fabric and foam to make the headboard, the addition of a good-looking feature like the crown moldings will give it a fresh look. It could also be an easy project to start your DIY journey.


Frame the Mirror: Do you think the mirror in your bathroom needs a bit of sprucing? If yes, why don’t you try to dress it up with crown moldings? These could be the perfect choice to uplift your entire bathroom without breaking the bank. You can even use decorative moldings too for a traditional style bathroom or to create a focal point. You can apply the same idea to all the large mirrors you have in the entire house.


On the Walls: Molding for walls could be a good alternative to the traditional style trims that are often seen between walls and the ceiling or the wall and the floor. Although using them at the meeting point of two surfaces create a seamless appearance, trims on the walls look great and dress up a room in a lovely way. Some decorative moldings instead of some fancy artwork or costly wallpaper can accent the walls. Use a different color for the moldings to create a chic look.


The chair rails could be a nice alternative too as they not only protect the walls but also add the aesthetic value. You can create an interesting look by painting the upper and lower portions of the rails in two different colors.


Kitchen Cabinet: Kitchen in a good place for installing crown moldings and the cabinets could be another place for adding the trims. You can use the moldings both above and at the base of the cabinet boxes. Installing them above the cabinetry all the way to the ceiling will give the place a unified look.


Painted cabinets will be the better than wooden cabinetry for such a project because it will be much easier to match the paint than wood stain for the moldings. However, some people choose wood trims for a painted cabinetry to create an exotic look.








These ideas will come handy for people who are tired of seeing the traditional application of crown moldings. These are a beautiful architectural feature. So, try to get the best out of them by thinking of something out of the box.



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