The Best Pet Care and Canine Dog Food from Beneful

Having a pet can be very rewarding, or it can be very troublesome. How you care for your pet will determine the level of enjoyment that you receive from owning one, especially when it comes to dogs. There is a lot of information that you need to know in regards to caring for your canine friend. Let’s take a look at some of the most important information you need to know to make sure that your experience of being a pet owner is the best it can be.

General Feeding Information
The amount of food required and the type of food that should be fed to your dog depends on its age and size. For puppies that are between 8 and 12 weeks old, it is recommended that they eat four meals a day. For puppies between the age of 3 and six months old it is recommended that they have three meals per day. For canines over six months old but less than one-year-old it is recommended by the ASPCA that they have two meals per day. Once a dog reaches 1 year of age, it is recommended that they have one meal per day. With some larger canines, it is recommended that they receive two smaller meals per day rather than just one large one.

What to Feed and What Not to Feed Your Canine Friend
What you feed your dog is equally as important as how much and how often you feed them. While most canines love to eat what you are eating, this is not the best diet for them. It is ok to allow your canine friend to have some “human food” but it should be limited. Some of the foods that we eat that are also alright for our canine friends include frutie and vegetables, cottage cheese, and cooked eggs. These should be in addition to their balanced diet dog food and not a primary source of nutrients. There are also some things that you should avoid feeding your dog at all costs. Those items include grapes, chocolate, onions, poultry bones and salty foods. These foods can have a negative adverse effect on your dog’s health.

Well Balanced Options from Beneful
To ensure that your canine has a well balanced diet it is important to know what is in the kibble that you feed them. At Beneful, they only include all natural and healthy ingredients in their line of dog food brands. All Beneful dog foods include vitamin-rich veggies and real meats to ensure your pet gets the absolute best food possible.The Beneful line of dog foods includes eight different dry foods and over 20 different wet foods all with the best nutritional ingredients available for your canine friend.The Beneful line of dog food was introduced to the market in 2001 and is available worldwide.

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