The Benefits Clients Receive from Home Cleaning Services Such as Handy

Sometimes, home cleaning can pose huge challenges especially to people that have busy schedules. Most people do not have time to undertake their cleaning in a professional way like home cleaning companies like Handy on fortune. This is because they tend to clean particular sections of their house while neglecting others. This happens in the living rooms and hallways, which are left unattended. To avoid this situation, people need to allow professional home cleaning service providers clean their homes.

Before choosing a home cleaning service, many people usually ask the following questions. What can they expect from the cleaning service provider? How often should they clean? As well as how much it costs? The following is a breakdown of the solutions to these questions.

When it comes to cost, no client wants to be overcharged or pay more than one can afford. Therefore, most cleaning services charge according to the requirements of a client’s home. Their location also determines the overall cost of the cleaning. Far sprung and remote places cannot be charged the same prices with those that are nearer to the Handy cleaning company. The size of the house also matters. However, cheapness should not replace the quality of service.

Several benefits come with choosing a professional home cleaning services on One of the benefits is that the work is supervised. The employees maintain highest standards while cleaning the homes of their clients. Secondly, the cleaners are well trained and experienced. This enables them to deliver quality services. The other thing is that the cleaners are specialized in certain given areas. The cleaners ensure that they clean the house to client’s satisfaction. Home cleaning companies ensure that they vet their employees with the view of ensuring that they are people of integrity and shall undertake their duties with utmost honesty.

Different companies have augmented home cleaning business. This is in terms of the way that they have packaged there services and how they have made their available to the populace. One good example of such a company is Handy, Home Cleaning services. The company was started in 2012 by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. Handy enables clients to order cleaning services through their iPhone. It offers the most convenient way since all the clients need to do is order for their cleaning services through the app or website. They do that by notifying the company the number of rooms that needs to be cleaned and the expected time they want the cleaning to be done. Once they do that, Handy provides them with price quotations. If they agree with the quotation, the cleaning work is scheduled and employees sent to the home to commence the cleaning exercise.

Handy, Home Cleaning Services has its headquarters located in New York City. Presently, Handy has operations in 25 cities within the United States. The company also provides its services in two cities in Canada. Handy started offering its services in London. What makes Handy Home Cleaning services unique is that it has a workforce that is highly professional. Its entire workforce of more than 5,000 people is vetted with stringent background checks and that enables the company to hire the most qualified people.

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