The Achievements of George Soros

In a long career that began in the early 1950s, George Soros has seen a lot of things. Books have been written about him. He has also written several books himself. He has delivered hundreds of speeches on numerous platforms. Needless to say, George Soros has held thousands of interviews where he has discussed numerous issues in finance, politics, and philanthropy. Some of the books that George Soros has written include George Soros on Globalization, Underwriting Democracy as well as the Crisis of Global Capitalism. He has also co-authored numerous books such as the Tragedy of the European Union and the New Paradigm for the Financial Markets. Most of his books touch on the topics of geopolitics, stock trading, and finance. George Soros is also knowledgeable in economics. This illustrious career has attracted many awards and honorary degrees. He has an honorary degree from University of Bologna and Yale School of Management.

Other institutions that have recognized George Soros with an honorary degree include the Corvinus University of Budapest and the University of Oxford. Finally, the billionaire has been recognized by New School for Social Research for his exemplary work in finance and economics. All these awards have culminated to the mother of all awards, Institutional Investors Alpha Award that made his name appear on the Hedge Fund Manager Hall of Fame. This means that his name appears on the wall alongside other successful hedge fund managers such as Julian Robertson, Alfred Jones as well as Jack Nash. Other names on this wall include Steven Cohen, David Swensen, Paul Tudor Jones as well as Michael Steinhardt. George Soros is also active in philanthropy where he has supported various causes. Politically, he funds liberal movements, and this is why he is a regular Democratic donor. In the last elections alone, George Soros parted with over $30 million. He has funded the party since the 1970s.

His earlier participation in philanthropy is the funding of black students from the University of Cape Town as they fought the apartheid rule. To ensure that his help reaches the needy people, George Soros opened the Open Society Foundation. This is an organization that spends close to $500 million annually on philanthropy. Soros donated $50 million to the Millennium Promise back in 2006. He is also attributed to helping his native country transform from a communist nation to a democratic one. Through the Open Society Foundation, George Soros has managed to address issues facing the minority such as sex workers, drug users, and the LGBT people. George Soros opposes the oppression of these people by the mainstream society. At the moment, George Soros is 86 years old having been born in a communist occupied Hungary. His wealth is estimated by the Forbes Magazine to be approximately $30 billion.

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