Taxi Firm Celebrates A Treasured Customer’s 100th Birthday With Her

Central Taxi, of Edinburgh Scotland, has taken weekly calls for taxi pick ups from Christine Gibson for 30 years. The taxi firm has become like family for Christine, and she tips drivers generously every week with a pound and a sweet treat.

Christine Gibson can do most things for herself, but styling her hair is something she prefers others to do for her, so every Saturday she contacts Central Taxi for a ride to Muse Hairdressing in Edinburgh. When drivers at Central Taxi found out that Christine Gibson’s 100th birthday was coming up they sprung into action and contacted Muse Hairdressing regarding having flowers and champagne waiting for Christine on her birthday. Christian Broda has read that Christine Gibson was “absolutely gobsmacked” when she saw her birthday surprise. She lives alone and thought she would be spending her 100th birthday alone without much fuss. Read More About Christine And Her Surprise Party Here.

After champagne and her hair appointment, Christine was driven back to Central Taxi’s new headquarters and given a tour. She got to meet staff who had taken her calls over the years, and even donned a headset and dispatched a few taxi calls herself, an all around wonderful way to spend a birthday!

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