Susan McGalla;Professional Woman Of Steel Who Wants Many Others To Be Like Her

Susan McGalla subscribes to the school of thought that any woman can be successful if provided with the necessary guidance from a tender age. She also believes that the modern woman can improve performance in her domestic, societal and professional roles if she does not follow any other information available because most of it ends up being too pandering and genetic. Being a successful professional woman herself, Susan does not mince her words about speaking how society should treat the modern woman. Susan McGalla is a regular speaker in conferences on ireport.cnn related to women and girl child empowerment. Susan says that most of the women she interacts with in her line of work do not like being referred to as just women but rather like professionals who have the ability to match with their male colleagues. She is, however, happy that most women have evolved when matters related to becoming more professional are concerned. She grew up in a household that had two elder brothers and a football coach father who played a very big role in encouraging her to become better than anyone else including the boys. From the onset, the environment at home encouraged her to work extra hard and become more confident when presenting her ideas in front of any audience regardless of the size. She attributes her upbringing and the unique nurturing to her confidence in school and in the places she has worked in that in return contributed a lot to her overall success. She is a Mount Union College BA graduate and made her career debut at the Joseph Horne Company. In 1984, she started working for the American Eagle Outfitters that was by then a predominantly male dominated company. Because of her confidence in herself, she was able to excel in her career and brought forth a strong culture change in the company that ensured that both men and women were viewed as being equal. She managed to rise to the top by eventually becoming the President and Chief Merchandising Officer of the company. Currently, she is the President of P3 Executive Consulting where she consults for top companies in the world of business in matters related to talent management, branding and marketing. She is very particular that she has only managed to excel in her career because of her hard work, being flexible and pursuing a career she is passionate about. Susan also believes in gong beyond the extra mile to exceed the employer or client’s expectations of her; one very good reason why she has managed to be where she is today. She says that if society and the family unit put more emphasis on teaching children to be more confident when expressing themselves, their professional careers would be big in the future. However, if they are only nailed to the ground and not allowed to think freely and express themselves, they will grow up knowing that they are not allowed to think independently and that they can only follow and not lead.

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