Strong Success With BMG For Marcio Alaor

People who have dreamed big even when they were in small positions are not alone. Marcio Alaor was one of these people. He is now one of the people who are in a hug position with a huge company. This is all due to the fact that he was not afraid to dream big and wasn’t afraid of pushing toward the success that he knew he wanted and deserved to be able to have when he was with the company. Starting out as one of the shoe shiners for executives at BMG, Alaor never knew how far he would really go.

Among the many inspirations to Marcio Alaor’s success, Dr. Wilmar is one of the biggest. According to this article from, Marcio Alaor was shining Dr. Wilmar’s shoes when Wilmar noticed that there was something different about the young man. He was not like many of the other shoe shiners and truly took pride in the job that he was doing. He was also a very hard worker, which was difficult to see in people who had these low paying jobs like a shoe shiner position. Dr. Wilmar took an interest in Marcio Alaor.

Throughout his time getting his shoes shined, Dr. Wilmar would talk with Marcio Alaor and would find out more about him. He would learn of where he came from but, more importantly, would learn about where he wanted to go in his life. Wilmar was impressed with the big dreams that Alaor had and knew that the young man would be able to succeed at these dreams if only he worked as hard as what he was working while shoe shining. This quickly became a great friendship that the men developed and Dr. Wilmar gave him the chance of a lifetime at BMG.

Dr. Wilmar recognized that he couldn’t just put the young man with no experience into a high-pressure situation, so he put him into an entry level position with the bank. He wanted to see the boy succeed, but he did not want to hand it to him. He knew that Marcio Alaor would work hard and that he did. He never stopped striving for success while he was working at the bank and was always among the hardest workers. This allowed him to gain promotion after promotion. The drive for success and hard work ethic are what led him to becoming the vice president of BMG.

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