Stephen Rotella Makes A Big Difference

Beginning his higher education at the Stony Brook University back in 1971 where he achieved his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Stephen Rotella soon went on to the SUNY University at Albany where he managed to obtain his Master of Business Administration (or MBA) in the area of Information Technology/Finance in the year 1978.

Upon graduation, Rotella found himself met with fantastic job opportunities almost instantly, choosing to take up the position of Senior Consultant at Accenture that same year, Rotella quickly learned that he was destined for greatness. After two years at Accenture, he went on to become the Vice President of Product Development at The Reserve Group in 1980 for four years and then after that the Vice President of Shearson Lehman Inc. in 1984 upon leaving The Reserve Group.

Three years into his exciting career at Shearson Lehman Inc., Stephen Rotella became Chief Executive Officer of Chase Home Finance at J.P. Morgen where he stayed for an impressive 18 years before moving on again, not wanting to become too static in his life. Taking a leap back into the mix of things, Rotella joined WaMu in January of 2005 as their President and Chief Operating Officer where he stayed for three more years before moving on again to become the Chief Executive Officer of StoneCastle Cash Management in January of 2011 where he currently stills works, alongside his awesome job as President of StoneCastles Partners, LLC, which he joined back in January of 2014, three years after having joined StoneCastle Cash Management.

Today, Stephen Rotella is not only an outstanding business man with exponential experience, but he is also a person who cares greatly about his community, joining the cause as a Board Member of both YouthCare Seattle, and the Seattle Foundation. He is also the Chair of the Board at Lift, Inc. and an inspiration to thousands of those whom he has had the pleasure of positively influencing through out his outstanding career. He works and lives out of New York, New York, and always thoroughly enjoys every single minute of excitement in The Big Apple!




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