Spinal Relief in Texas

Even the most minor spinal injuries and pain can cause a rift in your daily life. Many people with chronic back pain have difficulty doing the easiest daily tasks and are uncomfortable even sitting upright in a chair. The North American Spine is a company that seeks to help all those individuals suffering from chronic back pain. Whether it’s from something as simple as a slipped or herniated disc to spinal tenosis, they offer a wide variety of minimally invasive and non surgical options, and have a lot of happy customers raving about the services.

They want all their patients to feel comfortable with the decision process by giving them as much information as they need to make an informed decision. Before resorting to surgery, they look at the patients individual needs and help devise a more conservative route of chiropractic care and physical therapy. Their options also include heat and cold therapy, pain medication, spinal fusion and steroid injections.

If the patient ends up needing a surgical procedure, it is done by highly qualified doctors with extensive background in relieving back pain, and a technologically advanced spinal laser that is minimally invasive which can help with a wide range of spinal problems. The AccuraScope procedure itself can take as little as thirty minutes, depending on the severity of the problem being treated, and is designed to trace the spine up and down until it pinpoints the pained area.

Then it is treated in one simple outpatient procedure leaving no scar and possibly requiring one simple stitch afterwards. With the simplicity of the procedure, most cases people begin feeling relief almost immediately and don’t require much down time between the surgery and returning to work. Eliminating spinal pain is the main focus of this clinic, the doctors and staff have dedicated their lives to helping people in need of relief. With the AccuraScope and other options available, The North American Spine is one of the most innovative specialized clinics in the US today.

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