Soros Spots An Eye-Opening Trend that Global Democrats Need to Understand

George Soros suggests that Trump is opposed to open society and will run a dictatorship or a mafia state. He didn’t stop there. Soros went on to say that Trump is an imposter and con man with the potential to be a dictator. Trump won’t get away with running a dictatorship in this country because United States institutions are powerful enough to prevent it from happening. Soros says that Trump’s ideas are inherently self-contradictory and believes that uncertainty is currently at a peak.

He doesn’t believe that people can predict Trump’s actions because even Trump doesn’t know what he’s going to do next. Soros also doesn’t believe that Trump actually thought he was going to win and was more focused on building his personal brand on Biography. On the upside, Soros believes the Trump presidency will benefit those in China. He even went as far as to say that Trump is able to help China more than they can help themselves. While many people have an outcry in opposition to the President after election on Snopes, Soros stated his lack of favor for Trump in December 2016.

George Soros strongly opposes closed society and has made many comparisons between a closed society that manipulates its subjects and Trump’s presidency. According to Soros, the amount of fascist dictatorships are increasing. According to Soros, Trump has a cabinet filled with retired generals and extremists who are incapable of protecting and promoting global democracy. When the elections were still happening, Soros was a Clinton advocate and donated millions towards a Clinton PAC on Perhaps Soros’ negative disposition stems from losing $1 billion subsequent to the Trump election.

Soros strongly believes that the United States economy on is in crisis because the leading democratic society of the world elected a con artist as President. He suggests that Trump’s affinity for dictators will be reflected in the fact that more dictators will become accommodated with the United States. Trump focuses more on making deals than defending principles, but that is what his constituency wants and expects from him. George Soros made the bold suggestion that Putin helped Trump get elected by promoting that social media spreads fake news and misinformation.

Soros stated how fervent he was of the EU since its inception and views the EU as democratic states that are willing to give up some amount of sovereignty for the good of all. As the 2017 election season of Europe approaches, George Soros believes that Putin will dominate the EU and the public will be second in line to hear the news. The two leaders next in line in France’s election are close to Putin and will accede to his requests. Soros believes that the EU is on the brink of a breakdown similar to that of the Soviet Union. He made a call to action that those who believe in the EU need to do something to save it.

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