Slyce’s Visual Search Platform Makes it Easy for Retailers

Advancement of technology has created limitless possibilities for entrepreneurs and consumers. Slyce is a platform that allows potential clients for visual search of the items available in the market instantly; they can do this by taking a picture by taking a picture using their Smartphone. This trend is fast expanding, and many consumers are getting attracted to it.

Slyce description

Slyce as an application can be used independently as a tool or it can either be used by integrating it with other applications to gain better impact. The application is either used portable devices like smartphones, tablets or it can be installed on desktop computers. It is important since it will aid potential retailers to respond effectively to consumer needs. They will respond to consumer need when they arise and on time. Consumers can either see products online or physical at the point of sale. It is evident that they introduction of Slyce as a marketing tool is revolutionizing the marketing industry.

The founder

The purpose of entrepreneurship is to create solutions for various market needs while providing profit as a reward for the effort. From the year 2011, the Smartphone has revolutionized the market industry. Not only are they just being used to purchase goods and services, but they are also used to share images of products they find interesting. Many questions arise about the unlimited possibilities that can be provided by the new inventions. For example, what would happen if people could be in a position to buy goods once they interact with their images online?

Erika Racicot together with her partner Cameron Chell is the co – founders of Slyce. Cameron has been with the development of many applications that have the world by storm. For example, Cameron founded Future link that is one the first cloud computing company. Together with Erika, they also co – founded Business Instincts Group, which is a venture creation firm.

Slyce Marketing Strategy

The company is building and maintaining relationships with leading consumer brands both locally or internationally. Slyce is bridging a gap that existed before the introduction of technology. Consumers and retailers have limitless opportunities for selling and buying various goods that would meet their needs.

Marketing opportunities

With the deployment of Slyce, opportunities available are numerous. Retailers have continued to realize an increase in revenue through m-commerce. It is because it constitutes about 39 percent of revenue collected through online trading. Slyce makes it possible for consumers to view products regardless of their location and purchase them. Retailers will be able to respond to consumer needs irrespective of their location. It would be of benefit to both retailers and consumers.

Future prospects

The company is fast expanding, and it will be required to set up structures in place to take up more resources. For example, they would need to set up a human resource department to assist them serve the country better. Slyce is looking for skilled labor in Toronto and Calgary. Most urgently, they are interested in hiring database engineer to improve their performance.

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