Slyce: A Reputable Visual Search Company

Slyce is a start-up technology company based in Toronto Canada. Most people are familiar with Slyce as being a visual search company. The company is a result of a partnership for visual search by two business oriented genius minds, Cameron Chell, and Erika Racicot. Initially, Slyce was formed as a consumer technology company.

The Slyce Company picked up drastically during the shopping season of 2011. The transition from the analog mode of communication to the now digital way of communication inspired the founders of Slyce to come up with the app. The transition was primarily after the emergence of smartphones that have become the new mode of communications between customers. The smartphone era thus brought about the big idea of a business opportunity. This technology would link retailers and customers for a common goal that is shopping, by sharing photos between themselves. This sharing is however not direct but through an application platform with coded command instructions.

Slyce as a company came up with an application named after the company. The Slyce application is similar in its working principle to Shazaam. However, the big difference between the two is that unlike Shazaam, which applies to music, Slyce is for visual items. The app first identifies the item or the object being displayed in the photo. Whether it’s a shirt, cup or any other item, the app takes note of this. The image undergoes analysis by a program designed by the Slyce team known as the Schema through an attribution model. The app’s analysis is perfect at picking details to the extent of identifying the color, pattern or even the location of the pocket on a shirt.

Most retailers have come with unique systems to help them photograph their stock for their online stores. This way, it becomes quite easy for the system to differentiate between items, making the comparison and distinguishing images whether an item is a toy or just a mere pan. Once Slyce makes up the details of the object in the picture, the system can provide a definite product match. It searches for the most comparable item a retailer has, and the particular retailer who has stocked this perfect match item.

According to Slyce CEO Mark Elfenbein, the company is consistently trying to perfect their apps and the functionality of their systems. The improvements and enhancements enable the company to offer major retailers with the visual search platform. In a bid to deliver on this promise, Slyce acquired Tel Aviv-based Pounce. The technology that comes with the Pounce team comes in handy at speeding up things and improving the user experience.

Pounce is a product from BuyCode. It links item photos not only to the inventory but the pricing information as well. The final product allows users to scan different items, browse through various deals and checkout with just a few clicks.

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