Slaughterhouse Indicted For Mislabeling Meat as Halal

I was waiting for my appointment at the Amen Clinic when I read this story. Midamar, a beef supplier, located in Minnesota, has come under fire for failing to meet the strict guidelines for The indictment suggest the plant failed to follow the necessary procedures for halal certification, and represented themselves as a certified plant, when they were not. 

The indictment, which named Yahya Aossey, Jalel Aossey and William Aossey, also alledges the plant failed to utilize trained slaughtermen, failed to properly slaughter cattle, and failed to recite the Tasmia prayer during the slaughter. These guidelines are necessary for all meat products being sold under the label of “halal”. 

The brothers also operate Islamic Services of America. That company has also been named in the indictment and an investigation is currently underway. The siblings, speaking through their attorney, allege that they will fight the indictment, and deny all allegations lodged against them. They have also stated that a “religious matter” is no place for the federal government. 

The USDA is currently involved because of the mislabeling of meats, and the export of meats that were not from an approved slaughterhouse.

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