Skout Works Hard to Maintain its Appeal

If there is one thing that a classy social network does it is to maintain its appeal. Skout is one of these social networks that try to maintain its reputation. Reputation is very important to the success of a site. Social networks are no different than other platforms that have been created. If any business or program is lacking in reputation, then it is going to suffer as a business. Also, maintaining the reputation of a business or program is a full time job. It also involves a lot of trial and error, as well as discovery. When a company discovers that something is lowering its appeal or standing towards others, then it is wise to cut that part of the business off.

One example is that Skout has found bathroom selfies to give the site a lower appeal. As a result, the social network app has decided to ban bathroom selfies. Some people may have a problem with it and may not see what the big deal is. However, Skout has to maintain the appeal of its program.

The PR manager of Skout has stated that they don’t want that for their site. They do not approve of men being shirtless showing off their muscles while taking a picture, nor do they approve of women being stripped down and posting a selfie. It will not be tolerated on this dating app or website. Barnes has made an exception. The exception is that it is okay if the selfies show a dressed person. So fortunately, people can still post selfies in their bathroom or powder rooms. However, Skout wants to be seen as a dignified site. Therefore, they have a code of conduct that they expect their users to abide by. If they break the code, then they lose their privilege to use the site.

Bathroom selfies are done even by celebrities. One example of a celebrity that uses bathroom selfies is Miley Cyrus. Other celebrities that take part in selfies are Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey. There are plenty of other celebrities that use selfies. Even Geraldo Rivera has posted a selfie of him being almost completely nude.

Skout has decided to ban bathroom selfies after they have conducted a market research survey that has shown that people just don’t want to see that when they are talking to others on the site. It has been shown that response rates have dropped by almost 50% for people that use selfies that show off their naked bodies. Some people also think that these types of selfies make it look like that the user is a loner and has no friends. For this reason, Skout is banning those selfies in favor of a more dignified image.

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