Sergio Cortes Provides a Plethora of Advice

There are a lot of doctors that work to provide a plethora of information for people that may be in need of medical attention. In Brazil the doctor that appears to have an extensive amount of research under his belt is Sergio Cortes.

What has made him a reliable resource for Brazil is all of the time that he has put into researching the various areas of medicine that a lot of other doctors may overlook. He is the State Health Secretary for Rio de Janeiro, and he has become well-known for his research in areas like orthopedics. This is his specialty, but he has a lot of interest in others things. He has become someone that is able to provide a lot of input on issues for pregnant women and diabetic patients.

Many people that want to see what his findings are on various issues will consult his blog for information. Others that are interested in an abbreviated version of his daily findings, can follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.. He has become a voice in Brazil that is worthy of your time, and many people get firsthand knowledge about new findings through his blog.

Sergio has held different positions like Medical Executive Officer and General Director for medical organizations. He has become an authority on things like hip replacements, and he continues to expand his knowledge and the knowledge of others through his research. A good number of people are going to be drawn to his findings on osteoporosis and the preventive methods that are used to stop this. Others may be interested in the mixture of more simple things like the type of clothing that has to be worn during the winter or summer months.

A ton of people that are outside Brazil have become very familiar with him. Sergio has been able to transform a lot of laughs by providing valuable information that people from all walks of life can utilize. He has spoken on many different topics over the years, but the Internet seems to be the easiest way for people outside of Brazil to acquire his findings. He has made himself readily available to people around the world by posting information that can save lives. Sergio is doing a lot of good in Brazil as a state health secretary, but the effect of his findings influence many outside of Latin America

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