Satanic Holiday Display placed in Florida State Capitol

The annual series of Holiday displays placed in the State Capitol building will this year feature a series of non traditional displays, including a tableau by the Satanic Temple. After a number of years of trying to have a display placed in Florida’s Capitol for the Holiday Season, the New York based Satanic Temple has finally been permitted to do so, RT reports.

The permission from Florida to place a tableau by the group on the grounds of the State Capitol is seen as the latest step in the Satanic group seeking permission to place a statue on the grounds of the Oklahoma State Capitol. Florida’s state legislature has previously ruled out displays by the group that are traditionally put in place on Dec 22, this year will see the first approved display that will join efforts by the Church of Flying Spaghetti Monster and the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

In response to the decision to allow the display a spokesperson from the Florida State Capitol building stated the religious freedom and freedom of speech afforded in Florida was extended to all people of any religious beliefs. This story was shared with me by friend of the site Darius Fisher.

One thought on “Satanic Holiday Display placed in Florida State Capitol

  1. Previous displays have been rejected for being inappropriate, but this years cardboard display has been approved despite featuring an angel falling from Heaven into the fires of Hell. It is well known that professional job resume has been the only thing being displayed on that cardboard for a long time.

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