Sanjay Shah Is The Businessman Going The Extra Mile

When it comes to businessmen, they simply don’t make them like Sanjay Shah Denmark anymore. However, many people wish they did as they are the kind of people that go out of their way to truly impact people’s lives in the best possible way. What has made Sanjay so successful in his career is the fact that he has never been afraid to take chances, do something a little differently, and have a new different perspective on things. One might find it hard to believe that he used to study medicine and was also an accountant. This was before he started up Solo Capital Partners.

All of this experience and all of this knowledge has come in handy when he has had to put together Autism Rocks, which is an event that is gaining steam each and every single year him and his wife Usha have held it. It is clear that it means something to his family, as they have a young boy with autism. This has motivated them even more to want to help out others that have children with autism and be there for them. That is the whole point of being the CEO of your own company. It allows you the chance to do things you might not have otherwise have had the opportunity to do in the first place. It opens up doors that otherwise might have been shut on someone in the past. Now, the event is in its third year.

There is live music, games, and a lot of fun all while raising even more awareness on autism and getting donations in the process to help with researching autism and finding some answers surrounding it. This year, they are even going to have Tyga and Flo Rida at the event and it keeps getting bigger and bigger each year. They have devoted a lot of time and resources to this event. Lots of people walk away from the event with a new understanding of autism and all that it entails. They also get a chance to give back, which always feels good for everyone involved.

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