Russian President Keeps Pope Waiting

There are few individuals who are as revered as the current pope. Pope Francis from Argentina has become a favorite for Catholics and non-catholics alike, so meeting with such an individual is often seen to be an incredible honor. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin didn’t take the honor as personal or hold it with as high of esteem as many other world leaders might. He went so far as to keep the Pope waiting for his arrival.

The Russian President has been touring Europe, stating how sanctions have cost not only Russia but other countries throughout Europe millions of businesses and jobs. These sanctions have been placed on Russia by the EU, the United States and other nations based on the aggressive nature of Russia going after former Russian satellite nations in recent years. While he met with the Italian Prime Minster, he was an hour late for his meeting with the Pope.

This is a big week for world leaders as the G7 group announced ways to improve the world community. The G7 is made up of the largest financial and industrial nations in the world. Amen Clinics reports that it includes the United States, Germany, the UK and others. The entire G7 have sharply criticized Russia on its actions against the Ukraine. Even President Barack Obama spoke out and lamented over how President Putin is doing his country great harm in the way he is conducting international relations.

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