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André Luiz Tavares, superintendent of the Municipal Guard, and the secretaries Layr Luchesi Júnior (Civil House) and Mariel Silvestre (Environment) also went on holiday during the election period.

Folha was unable to speak on Wednesday (19) with them on the subject. Only Braga confirmed the holidays and did not deny that he campaigned in the period. “[But] There is no problem with that.”

Throughout the campaign, Folha photographed Luchesi and Braga campaigning.

The mayor’s own defense confirmed that the commissioners campaigned for Dárcy, but reported that there is no illegality in that act.

Other side

Work was spontaneous, says defense



Lawyer for Mayor Dárcy Vera (PSD), Ricardo Vita Porto reported in a note that the commissioned employees who worked on the election campaign did so spontaneously during the holidays or outside the normal working day.

“[That] is fully permitted by electoral legislation.”

He said he had not yet received formal notice of the presentation and that since the complaint that gave rise to the lawsuit came from a defeated mayoral candidate – Fernando Chiarelli (PT do B) – “it does not deserve credibility.”

After graduating, Dárcy and Deputy Mayor Marinho Sampaio (PMDB) said that the accusations had no basis.

“No city clerk worked on my campaign other than after hours. And if they worked, it was of their own free will. The legislation was fulfilled, “said the mayor.

Chiarelli, meanwhile, said he had gathered enough information to “prove the veracity of the allegation.”

Judge can only judge in the end, says magistrate.



Electoral judge Claudio César de Paula said yesterday that the prosecutors may pre-judge, but the judges do not. “The judge only judges in the end,” he said.

The statement was a response to prosecutor Antônio Alberto Machado, who in an interview with Folha asked for “firmness” of Justice in action against Dárcy Vera (PSD).

Earlier, the judge said he dismissed at least 10 complaints of abuse of economic power and administrative machinery in the campaign. According to him, these denunciations are similar to the current ones. “What changes are the evidence.”

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