Ricardo Tosto as a Famous Brazilian Litigator

Brazil is a Portuguese colony. It has adopted the Law of Portugal for many years now. Apart from Portugal, Brazil borrows its laws from the French, Italian and German Civil law. The whole constitution is currently in its written form and functions as the supreme law. A part of the constitution states that Brazil is a federal republic made of states and municipalities. There are currently 26 federal states in Brazil. Even though they follow the country’s laws, they have the power to create their constitution and laws. The power is limited by the rules stated by the country’s constitution.


Brazil uses the civil law which has a popular feature in several critical systems. The system followed by the law is known as codification. It gives its citizens a written collection of laws which they can easily apply. The codification system is used in different parts of the world in approximately 150 countries. The civil laws have been mostly traced to the Roman law.


The Brazilian law has developed to become one of the most sophisticated in the world. The country itself has the best lawyers in the world. Ricardo Tosto is one of the most prominent lawyers in the country. He describes himself as a leader and a strategist in Brazil’s legal system. Ricardo Tosto started from humble beginnings. He started his law firm and grew it to become one of the most sought-for lawyers in the country.


Tosto’s career enjoys the public coverage and recognition. He has represented big companies to highly sensitive cases. He has handled several high profile cases and turned out successful. He is known to have designed many legal tools that are currently implemented by the Brazilian government. Mr. Tosto has grown to become one of the most respected personalities in the Brazilian law. He is known for his wide knowledge in the Brazilian corporate law. His negotiation skills and courtroom style skills are second to known. He has established his law firm Leite Tosto that has specialized in business law. The company provides an array of legal representation services in different sectors of finance.

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