Renown Health – Professional Healthcare Clinic set to Open soon

Renown Health is an urgent care medical facility that is located in the Reno, Nevada region. Renown Health currently has 12 primary care facilities in the area, and is proud to announce the birth of another facility. It will be located in The Summit Mall area in South Reno. The new business broke ground in November. The plumbing and electricity was established in February, and the office is set to open soon. The healthcare facility will focus on primary care and lab services. The other Renown Health facilities offer other services such as respiratory, special testing and other specialized healthcare services. Renown Health is the only local not-for-profit healthcare facility in the area. They are proud that they can keep their earnings within the company, and reinvest them back into equipment, the community and other healthcare services. The facility will be responsible for staffing 11 employees. They have enough room to add more offices if the business exceeds their initial expectations. In the future, they hope to add another doctor, nurse practitioner and more medical staff.

Dr. McCormack is the lead medical director currently overseeing the newest Renown Health project. In a recent telephone interview, she stated her focus remains on the patient. She wants to ensure that the patient feels comfortable and that the healthcare setting is secure and welcoming. The patient should walk into the facility and feel like they are waiting in their own living room. Renown Health has been in the healthcare business for many years and will continue to pursue patient satisfaction and overall patient health. The continued growth in the residential community has increased vastly, allowing for more clinics to become a necessary option. Dr. McCormack will continue to ensure that they provide the best possible services along with affordable, secure, accurate and safe procedures.


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