QI Group President Joseph Bismark Shares Secrets of Health And Success

As reported by Yahoo News, entrepreneur, spiritual adviser and QI Group developer Joseph Bismark gives advise on how to maintain a healthy living.

Bismark is completely devoted to living a healthy lifestyle. He has been a proponent of the holistic approach to wellness and health. Bismark says that part of his routine is to exercise daily. He swims, runs, practices yoga and uses kettle bells to stay lean and strong. Bismark also uses an app that tracks every aspect of his workout — calories burned, running/walking distance, speed and pace.

Yoga is the key to life, according to Bismark. He not only practices it, he teaches it at the Singapore school of Meditation and Yoga. Bismark says that people should keep their minds as sharp as their body. For that reason, he uses the web-based app Luminosity, which has a full line of scientific-based brain games to keep the brain engaged.

Bismark was born in the Philippines in a comfortable, middle-class home. He was taken from that environment and placed in the mountains with Filipino monks. He learned a great deal about spirituality, a more simple way of life and humility. He left the monks at the age of 17 and took his teachings into the real world.

The values he learned with the monks is the same approach he applied to his business practices. He believes that all good leaders should possess strength and humility. His powerful vision and core values makes him one of the most respected and revered businessmen in the industry. Bismark has always believed in giving back to his community and feels that philanthropy can also influence others.

Bismmark is co-founder of the QI Group with his business partner Vijay Eswaran. The Group has a number of companies under its umbrella including the highly-successful Qnet. Bismark’s spirituality and common sense business practices are legendary in the industry. It is his goal to continue to grow as a person and help others achieve the same level of spiritual awakening. He continues to instill the importance of integrity when running a business and believes that anyone can duplicate his success as long as they have proper encouragement.

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