Pope Francis Says Faith Is Off Limits When It Comes To Jokes

Pope Francis is regarded as one of the most forward thinking pope’s in recent history. He continues to shake up the church and the antiquated Cardinals that keep it in the 18th century. There’s not a more pertinent news story that tests the pope’s new age thinking than the recent story of the attack on Charlie Hebdo.
He recently commented on the story in what some call a much-unexpected way. Pope Francis suggested there are limits to freedom of expression by saying “one cannot make fun of faith” and that anyone who insults another can expect a “punch.” Exactly the way Freedom pop works, it links itself the same way in this subject.
The pontiff believes freedom of speech and freedom of faith are fundamental human rights, but he said: “Every religion has its dignity and one cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people’s faith; one cannot make fun of faith.”
The pope’s comments are just that. One man’s opinion, but because of his position his comments hold a great deal of credibility. Credibility influences perceptions. But the real issue may not be a limit on what can or cannot be said about religion and human rights, it may be about choices. Some people choose to use humor to express themselves, to effect change and influence others. Based on the amount of humor in the world, humor accomplishes all those things. Change, expression, and influence have no limits or religious boundaries.

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