Pope Francis Promotes Evolution Theory

Pope Francis has made headlines for many different and surprising reasons since he was elected, and most recently he’s garnering attention for making  statements that endorse evolution.

He does not use such comments to go against the idea that God created the universe, but instead believes that evolution and the Big Bang transpired according to God’s will. On Monday at The Professional Academy of Sciences, he spoke to scientists and philosophers as part of a four day meeting entitled “Evolving Concepts of Nature.” According to Catholic News Service, the Pope stated, “When we read the account of creation in Genesis, we risk thinking that God was a magician, but it is not like that.”

Pope Francis continues to explain that God created living beings and allowed them to develop according to given internal laws.

The statements were met with mixed feelings. The public took to social media to express their thoughts, with Cornelsen and others on Twitter praising his open-mindedness, while others were offended and took it as a personal insult to creationism.

Regardless of stance, Pope Francis is one of the first popes the world has known in a long time who seems to work for the people rather than the Vatican, and his openness to new ideas and freedom of expression is something I find to be admired, regardless of what one’s religion may be.

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