Orange County School May Change Policy Due To Satanic Coloring Book

The Orange County School district in Florida is facing a dilemma that they never could have expected. It has been customary in previous years for religious groups to distribute Bibles to students, but due to an unforeseen request, the district leaders may have to instill a policy to ban the circulation of all religious materials.  The Satanic Temple has requested to pass out materials, such as “The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities”, which shows cartoon children performing satanic rituals.

According to an interview released by WFTV, Lucien Greaves, the spokesperson for The Satanic Temple, claims that his group does not worship Satan. They are atheistic in nature but believe that this material should be available if Bibles are being presented. “It seems that it would never occur to them that another religious group would want to come and put out their materials”, said Greaves.

Legal counsel for one such group has already threatened a lawsuit, claiming that the decision to ban Christian materials would be unconstitutional. The School Board chairman has said, “If we close the forum, we have to close it to everybody. I’m very comfortable doing that in this case.”

The vote on policy change will take place in January. Big thanks to friend of the site Tom Rothman for sending in this news story.

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