Online Reputation Management Has Become Crucial For Personal Branding

In the last decade, online reputation has become an essential part of our personal and professional image, being now an important factor one must take into account. According to Forbes, good management of online reputation is crucial for our professional careers.

Forbes indicates that major decisions by company recruiters often come down to online search results. Forbes explains that 75% of HR departments research candidates online before any hiring is done. At least 60% of employers screen their candidates via social media. In fact, many recruiters search social media for red flags (inappropriate photographs, videos or information).

The numbers go on but the conclusion is the same: the better we manage and improve our online reputation the better we build our professional brand.

Recently, The Huffington Post interviewed Shannon Wilkinson, founder of Reputation Communications, a reputation management agency. She established that a negative reputation can stop your personal brand from flourishing. Wilkinson indicates that it’s important to consider all factors that shape our digital reputation ranging from our skills, interests and the content we create online, this last one included blog posts and tweets.

According to, this is why it’s become fundamental to view ourselves as brands and take into consideration everything we do online. We need to acknowledge that online reputation management can make companies take an interest in us.

Nowadays, online reputation is so pivotal for companies that many enterprises are venturing into strengthening their own digital image. This has led brands to seek out online reputation management firms, since it is in the company’s best interest to keep their brand positive.

Nathan Sinnott, CEO of Newpath WEB, writing for explained that enterprises must always think in their own image constantly. Part of this is always being proactive by sharing positive news stories, press releases and testimonials.

Sinnott denotes in his article that digital reputation is one of business’ most critical marketing focal points. Arguably this could be considered the most significant aspect of a company’s reputation.

In the end it all comes down to one thing: online reputation can make or break your brand.

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